chimajarno a “Not only decoration” Switzerland…

…la nostra video performance è stata selezionata per l’esposizione “Not only decoration – on full volume” che si terrà presso Gallery Atelier Cbijoux a Monthey in Svizzera dal 22/02 al 26/05/2018!!!!!!!!!

video performance “Metà percorso”
TrenTa (Chiara Trentin e Michele Tajariol)

“Creating your own body is a necessity. Dress it up and express it is a requirement. The work Metà Percorso of TrenTa (Chimajarno and Michele Tajariol) sum to aggregate the experience to make a wearable object and, through an estranging experience, the need for this necklace will become part of a performative mask to feel an active and part of integral. Metà Percorso inhabits a body passage.”

Metà percorso


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